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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Artifical Insemination

I want to use this blog to educate you about what it is like to be under a National Lockdown as far as the movement of horses is concerned.

It is frightening.

I am concerned about my mare. I also feel so bad for breeders who have expectant mares or foals just born. The mares may not die if they get it, but the foals probably will. It will devestate breeding.

And the reason why? Because the Thoroughbred powers that be insist that TB stallions breed naturally and will not allow Artificial Insemination. So a stud had a shuttle stallion return from Japan where the influenza epidemic has ceased racing over there for about two weeks. It is a highly contagious disease that has not been in Australia before, so none of our horses have any sort of immunity to it.

Yes, the horses are only ill for about 10 days, during which time the poor horse feels really bad, then there is the recovery period afterwards. But after, getting over the weakness, building back up to whatever the horse is used for. It is just such an ordeal.

There is a cure for humans, and as a horse lover and lover of animals in general, it bothers me that there hasn't been any further research to develop it for animals.

Now it is here, it will probably always be here; being a threat every year to every horse. It is very frustrating, it is extremely annoying.

I'll have some more training tips very soon.

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